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The perfect solution if you want an interactive animation that captures

all the best moments during your event, for life!

When is your next celebration?



Religious celebration


Create your own private social network dedicated to your event & enjoy all the necessary features to turn your event into an unforgettable one!

Unlimited content

Infinite guests and content. Add as many photos, videos or GIFs and share them with the people you care about!

Live Show

Create a unique Live Show by displaying all your content on one, or several, screen(s) during the event. You’re more interested in a more personalized feature? Contact us and we’ll be happy to explain everything about our filters and personalized backgrounds, to really fit into your event!

See a Live Show exemple

Personalized service

We do everything for you, right at our office. All you have to do is enjoy your event!

Connection fotographer

All the content of the photographer can be added to the album during, or after the event!

Photobooth animation

Install the Eventer app on a tablet and discover a whole new style of photobooth! Mount it on a tripod and place it in several beautiful places.

Full Resolution

You are able to add videos up to 30 minutes in the album! Don’t worry, when downloading content there’s no loss of resolution!

For your professional events, Eventer Premium is suited for your needs!

 Contact our Project Master Iris 🚀 to set up Eventer for you!

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